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We are an intimate, chef-owned restaurant located in the Devonport neighborhood. At Monsoon, we offer authentic Thai cuisine featuring the finest traditional Thai seasonal ingredients

Our chef's cooking approasch unites her classic training in some of the most celebrated kitchens in Bangkok with her passion for freshness and simplicity.
  When dining at Monsoon you can choose from our current seasonal fare or enjoy our sumptuousfour course tasting menu, the finest of what we offer from appetiser through dessert.

Monsoon's menus are designed to pair beautifully with your wine selection from our hand picked wine list. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options on request.
  We say it's cozy and relaxed. While nobody at Monsoon is going to rush you, or over explain the menu, getting advice when selecting from our wine list or finding out which dessert is our favourite is just the kind of information our friendly and informed wait staff are there to help you with.

Call for dinner reservations, drop by for dinner or simply stop in for a drink and appetiser. We look forward to seeing you some time soon.
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